Before the All Saints’ Day, spirits of the dead come back to earth and have a party in the style of Pulp Fiction named «From Dusk Till Dawn». This will be an exciting action in the horror style.


Halloween  Graphics


NY & Сhristmas

Video-puzzle harmonically depicts colorful picture of New Year’s Eve and similarly to northern lights, adds new colors to magical gamma.

Burning Man

This is an outstanding experiment on creating the community of people who are not afraid of free self-expression and used to rely only on themselves.


Summer time

Summertime embodies and visualizes show biz’s wildest dreams due to the brightest impressions and newest ideas. Technologies move us to the world where the border between the real a and virtual world disappears.



This is the unique abstractive clubbing background



Imagination is more than knowledge. Thus, music is embodied into colors and movements. Let it go!


Rap & RnB


Humanity has always been seeking for mastering outer space which represents total inversion and genius exam.


Broadcast is displayed on the screen during the event via PC or DVD player. Every video’s durations is one hour. Video is displayed cyclically whitout sound. Definition:1280×720/MOV.