“Art-Vision” is a team of professionals in the field of visualization of musical events and institutions. We have been in the market since 2008, having made happy more than 100 cities in the CIS and Europe during that period.

        At any event, there is a screen: LED, projection or even just an ordinary plasma, for any kind of screen you will need a stylized video content that will create a special emotional atmosphere setting the mood of the club!Surprisingly, the owners of expensive entertainment facilities investing a lot of money in the design of the room do not pay proper attention to the selection of video screens that are almost the most visible part of the interior.Correctly chosen videos for musical accompaniment, can enhance bar sales and increase the flow of the audience in a restaurant or a nightclub.

 Our capabilities

      • Animation of catch phrases, slogans, etc

      • Exclusive video set on chosen topic 

      • Video menus , posters or campaigns

      • Visual row on a permanent basis

      • Visual row for theme party

      • Logo animation

      • Videointerer

      • Commercials